First Look: YSL Savage Escape Summer 2016 Nail Polishes & Possible Dupes



Happy Monday! On the count down to my own holiday in the next couple of weeks, I thought it was about time to take a gander at upcoming beauty launches from the beauty counters, perfect for a bit of Duty Free purchase inspiration for my flight out.

I know what you are thinking, beauty addicts problems! But for me half the fun of the going to the airport is wandering round duty free seeing what beauty bits I can pick up tax free.

One launch I have had my eye on hoping to pick up is YSL’s Savage Escape Summer 2016 Makeup Collection, which is utterly gorgeous (even just looking at previews) and it’s finally becoming available later this month (the official launch is on the 30.5.16.)




I have been checking my local YSL counters for the last couple of weeks, hoping it will become available but currently I am patiently biding my time. I have seen the nail shades I am after posted in various European nail bloggers posts, and I have seen it available online internationally from YSL stockists this side of continent.

Hopefully this means not too long till they hit counters, but in the meantime I thought I could give a first look of shades to get a feel for them.


The YSL Savage Escape Summer 2016 makeup collection comprises of 2 La Laque Couture nail polish shades in 71 Savage Pink and 72 Night Escape, both textured micro glitter polishes in a sheer almost crelly base.




From pictures they look almost slightly holographic! I think the glitter in these polishes has added holographic micro glitters scattered into the formula from looking at macro shots and blog images from Didolines Nails post.




From just the overall look at the shades they are definately textured polishes, comparable to OPI’s Liquid Sands and Zoya Pixie Dust polishes.

If you are not into the finish of these shades, maybe stay clear and go for similar shades from a different brand with a smoother finish or just add layer(s) of top coat onto these shades, smoothing them out and ramping up the sparkle.


Thinking in terms similar shades and dupes, my first port of call was obviously OPI’s Liquid Sands and one shade sprung to mind and immediately went to look for, trying to dupe the YSL shades.

Alcatraz…Rocks is a shade I’m familiar with and picked up in a mini OPI San Francisco collection set a couple of years back, really only wearing it with lots of top coat.

It’s the only blue shade I’ve seen with the same level of micro shimmer/glitter and finish as Night Escape, although Alcatraz…Rocks has more gold and pink toned glitter in this formula and a darker blue base.

I have a feeling the YSL polishes in real life will look more like the bottle shades on the nail, with the light in the photos from Didolines post having some colour bleached out.


Swatches on the left without holographic top coat, swatches on the right with holographic top coat


Looking again at the Savage Pink shade, I didn’t have anything like it formula wise within my collection. The closest shade I found was a LE Nails Inc shade in Devonshire Close, a much more silvery rose gold shade with a much chunkier glitter (pictured above in swatches.) This is not a dupe by any means, just a similar toned polish shade.


However after doing a bit of scouring around the web I found OPI’s Liquid Sand in Silent Stars Go By from their Mariah Carey Holiday 2013 Collection. It to me looks fairly similar, pictured below.


OPI’s Liquid Sand in Silent Star’s Go By


I think these shades with added scattered holographic top coat would give these polishes a similar look to the YSL shades, great to pull out if you have them and add into your rotation for bit of Summer glitter!


I did a search for links for these shades online to add to this post but the main polish sites I would normally use have sold out of the shades. What at shame! But if you are really after these OPI shades maybe try eBay or OPI stockists in store, I definately saw some Liquid Sands shades at TK Maxx stores recently.



Well I can safely say from this experiment I will still definately check out these YSL shades in person. I think the polish formula of these shades exactly is hard to mimic, with unique shades and something completely different which you wouldn’t expect in a Summer makeup collection.

I haven’t really worn many glittery shades in the last few months, so these textured shades make a nice change and look so pretty in bright sunlight. As you know I do like a bit of glitter and sparkle in my polishes, so my inner magpie will still most likely want to still pick these up when I get chance. Although I do like the beautiful dupe options in the post, totally wearable and worth wearing if you have them.

Although I love my dupe combo of OPI’s Alcatraz…Rocks and No7’s Nail Effects polish in Dancing Shoes, used in my swatches above. I will definately be wearing this as a manicure in the near future, with the added holo ramping it up to the next level!




What do you think of the YSL’s Savage Escape Nail Polishes? Do you have a favourite shade? Would you wear these polishes, are they to your taste? Do you own any of the dupe shades I featured in the post?

Let me know what you think and share your thoughts down in the Comments below.