Essie Retro Revival 2015 Nail Polish Collection



Of any polish collection in the last few months, the Essie Retro Revival 2015 Nail Polish Collection has been highly anticipated around the nail blogosphere. Pretty much all my favourite polish blogs have been discussing at length this revival of a selection old school Essie polish shades. And now the time has come people * drum roll please * – Essie Retro Revival 2015 Nail Polish Collection!

I can actually say I have been a big fan of Essie’s this last year! They are one of my favourite brands for polish collections and if you have seen my Top 15 Nail Colours of 2015, their shades featured highly. Clearly I am fangirling Essie!


Essie Retro Revival 2015 Nail Polish Collection


With the pre-sale sold out in the US and Canada and the polish collection expected in Europe for release in the Spring, I was quite excited myself about this collection. Talk about hype!

The amount of US and Canadian polish bloggers talking online about the shades in the collection is crazy, some recollecting these shades and memories from their first time around. Quite nice really!

After a really good year of collections, I was hoping Essie wouldn’t spoil it promoting old shades for the sake of it. I must admit, I was surprised by the collection.

I can also sense it has been quite divisive within the polish community, with some bloggers loathing the colours in the collection.  I guess it’s all a matter of taste!


Anyway let’s get into the collection and onto the shades, where do I begin!


Essie Retro Revival 2015 Nail Polish Collection


For lighter shades, we have Birthday Suit – a sheer creamy nude (pictured bottom centre) and Cabana Boy – a pearly light grey (pictured bottom right). These two are lovely clean neutrals, although for my own collection, not really my cup of tea.

For more golden shimmery affairs, we have Sequin Sash – a sheer glittery bronze (pictured bottom left) which is beautiful and reminds me of the nude toned shimmer polishes my own mother used to wear. A classic I guess!

Another pretty shade is Bikini with a Martini – a sheer iridescent light pink (pictured top right) a very girlie polish. Sequin Sash and Bikini with a Martini are very versatile shades which can be worn alone or above another colour. I really like these for adding into the stash for polish cocktails!

Life of the Party – a red pearlised metallic (pictured top centre) is my second favourite of the collection. I love it’s tone, sometimes red metallic’s are too warm or cool, this is a true red satin shade. Gorgeous!

Not to mention the most hyped up polish of the whole collection – Starry Starry Night (pictured top left) Apparently the original SSN polish, which is an extremely hard to find polish, goes on eBay for hundreds of dollars. Crazy, I know!

From what I have read in a blog post here from the Beautygeeks, this polish is not the same as the original formula in terms of the diamond dust and sparkle. It still is a lovely twinkly affair. My favourite polish from the Essie Retro Revival 2015 Nail Polish Collection by far!!

If you would like to see live swatches, please check out JessFace90’s video here. This will give you a better idea of what the colours look like in person!

I will also link a comparison post here from All Lacquered Up. This post compares the original SSN to the new 2016 version of SSN, if this is of interest to you.

I have never owned the original to know the difference myself, but I researched some possible dupes and alternatives to the original SSN. Please check out my Essie Starry Starry Night Alternatives/Dupes post if you fancy picking up a polish more comparable to the original SSN. Well worth a look!


Essie Retro Revival 2015 Nail Polish Collection


I think my favourites are obviously Starry Starry Night, Life of the Party and Bikini with a Martini. I also like the look of Sequin Sash. I love the shimmery shades! I don’t tend to like the sheer nude’s and off whites in my own collection. I am looking forward to receiving my polishes to give them a try!


Currently the full Essie Retro Revival 2015 Nail Polish Collection and Mini Polish Collection is available from Amazon (in limited quantities to buy.)

You can also pre-order the collection before the 18/1/16 at Nail Polish Direct, if you are interested to picking them up this side of the pond.


What are your thoughts on the Essie Retro Revival 2015 Nail Polish Collection? Any favourite shades? If you pick another Essie shade to bring back, which one would it be and why?

Let me know what you think in the Comments below.