Essie Lounge Lover Spring 2016 Collection



Another day, another new Spring nail collection (the polish collections are relentless at the moment) and today we have the new Essie Lounge Lover Spring 2016 Nail Polish Collection!

After really enjoying Essie’s recent Resort Collection, I was excited to try their new Spring release of shades!

I’ve been seeing previews of this collection since the end of January, so I was happy to finally get my hands on these polishes. I picked up the collection a few weeks back, to get to grips with all these lovely shades!


Essie Lounge Lover Spring 2016 Nail Polish Collection


This collection is inspired by Florida’s very cool aura and sunny disposition! The shades give off an air of retro glamour from the by gone era of Palm Beach, that look of resort chic! I would love be a part of the retro glam scene this collection emulates!




I love Florida, the Sunshine state in the US of A, and gosh how I wish I was there now! I forever seem to make reference in my posts of the appalling weather we have here in Ireland. It’s currently bucketing it down although we do have some sunshine occasionally, just not this minute. I am really hoping for some decent weather and sunshine soon!

After reading the introduction of this collection’s press release, I am now on the countdown to my own getaway!

I just had the most gorgeous daydream of a lying on a sun lounger on a beach, on a glorious Florida day, if only!!!

Anyway enough of my intro, on with the shades!





High Class Affair – an apricot toned nude crème
Similar shades also from Essie are Spin The Bottle and Perennial Chic




Lounge Lover – a peachy pink crelly
Dupes for this shade are Essie’s Tart Deco and Dior’s Bouquet




Sunshine State of Mind – an orange toned red crelly
An extremely unoriginal shade, chances are you probably have a shade like this in your own collection, bright orange toned reds are everywhere!



Poolside Service – a deep blue toned teal crelly
Essie’s School of Hard Rocks is a real deadringer for this shade.




Off Tropic – a Lush Grove green crelly
Dupes for this shade are OPI’s Christmas Gone Plaid and Burberry’s Dark Bottle Green






Shade On – a cool toned grape crelly
Extremely similar to Essie’s Suite Retreat, just a tad lighter. Essie are at it again, duping themselves with this collection!



Essie Lounge Lover Spring 2016 Nail Polish Collection



My thoughts on the collection


The shades aren’t traditionally very Spring like, some might say this collection looks slightly more autumnal which I would agree. Essie included their usual nude and peachy tone polishes in this Spring launch, however the other 4 shades are a random mix of shades into this Spring collection, although I do feel they work as a collection.

I feel the only downside to this collection is the shades generally aren’t very unique. I like the shades themselves but they aren’t very original, with Essie duping themselves with the majority of the shades in this collection.

I tried to make sure I listed Essie dupes in particular with this post. If like me if you already own shades from their older collections, chances are some of these shades have very similar predecessors. So be wary if you decide to pick these up.

On a positive note, the polish formula is really good! It’s a really glossy and easy to apply polish formula and all the shades are true to bottle shade in 2 coats, including the pale High Class Affair shade. I hope Essie continues with this formula for the foreseable!

My favourite from the collection is Off Tropic, I just love that shade of green! It is also the most original of their shades and is almost a one coater. The green darkens slightly on the second coat but still stays true to bottle shade! This shade is also an excellent dupe of the Burberry Dark Bottle Green shade, at under half the price! If I hadn’t picked up the entire collection, this Off Tropic shade would be the only polish I would purchase.



Essie Lounge Lover Spring 2016 Nail Polish Collection


The Essie Lounge Lover Spring 2016 Nail Polish Collection is available now to buy individually and the entire collection from Ella Gray and also Amazon.




What do you think of Essie’s Lounge Lover Spring 2016 Nail Polish Collection? What are your favourite shades? Any cheaper dupes for polishes in this collection?

Let me know what you think down in the Comments below.