Essie Bridal 2016 Nail Collection – perfect for the wedding season!



Another week gone and another Essie polish collection, this time it’s Essie Bridal 2016 Nail Polish Collection!

I know right, more lovely shades to play with! I’m currently getting into gear for the upcoming Summer polish collections, which all look really fab!But before we start popping colourful brights into our mani’s, we do have just enough time for one last collection before they get going – just in time for wedding season!

I really needed this collection this last weekend, I have just been at a wedding!

It was a wonderful day and what a lovely time we had too! I haven’t been to a wedding in ages, so I was glad to celebrate the happy couple’s special day!

I really struggled picking my manicure shade, ended up wearing a very matchy matchy shade which went with my dress.

After coming back home from the wedding, I took a gander at these Essie Bridal polish beauties for this polish post and wished I had applied one of these in my manicure. Most of these shades would have been perfect for the wedding!

In the last few years I have quite liked their Bridal polish collections, so when I had seen this collection previewed  I knew I had to pick up the shades. With this year being no exception!



Onto the polish shades!





Between The Seats – a lilac toned ivory creme

This shade is very similar to Cabana Boy and Urban Jungle from Essie, this shade is a mixture of the two shades.





Groom Service – a pale violet creme

This shade is a slightly lighter version of Lapiz of Luxury (not to be confused with Lapis of Luxury – the blurple Essie shade)





Passport to Happiness – a dusky green toned mint with Subtle gold shimmer (satin finish)

I haven’t found any shades similar to this or within dupe territory. But I imagine if you used Essie’s original Mint Candy Apple with Sequin Sash on top, it would equal this shade.





Steal His Name – a sheer peach crelly

I am not aware of a sheer peach within Essie’s range which is similar enough for a shade and formula dupe! However this would make a perfect peachy top coat for French manicure!





Coming Together – a sheer baby pink crelly

This shade is similar to Pop Art Pink and Sugar Daddy from Essie! This also screams french manicure topper!




Mrs Always Right – a light terracotta toned cranberry crelly

This shade immediately reminded me of Essie’s In Stitches, just a slightly more pink version.




To get a feel for what these shades look like on the nails, below are some swatches of the collection!





Also do check out Karina Kaboom’s review and swatches in her video below!






My Thoughts of the Collection

I like the majority of the shades in the collection, in particular Passport to Happiness, Groom Service and Mrs Always Right. These would be the shades I would pick up out of the collection!

The most unique shade out of the collection is Passport to Happiness, which would be the one I would definately pick up out of the 6 shades.

I also quite like Between The Seats, which I really enjoyed wearing on my nails with it’s slight lilac tone! A bit of surprise shade for me, a pretty neutral! This one would be a maybe!

I wasn’t keen at all on the two sheer formulas of Coming Together and Steal His Name. Even with 3 coats of polish, they weren’t remotely opaque, I really could only see myself using these in a french manicure. Not really to my taste, although perfect for brides I imagine! I would avoid these unless you enjoy wearing sheer Essie polishes.

The formula of these polishes is really nice, easy to apply and dries with a smooth glossy finish, except Passport to Happiness which dries to a more satin finish – top coat is a complete must with that one to show off it’s lovely shimmer! No issues with the brush either, my application was to the usual Essie standard.

Overall, bar the 2 sheer shades, Essie’s Bridal 2016 collection get’s a thumbs up from me! Some of the shades are lovely and definitely worth picking up if you are heading down the aisle or looking for the perfect wedding shade for the future! There’s definately some excellent colour matches made in heaven in this collection!

If you would like to pick up Essie’s Bridal 2016 collection, it’s now available online from Ella Gray and Amazon.


What do you think of Essie’s Bridal Collection for 2016? Any favourite shades? Do you know of any dupes for shades? Are you planning on picking up any shades?

Let me know your thoughts by sharing down below in the Comments.