As soon as the sun came out this year, I made a conscious effort to get my feet out, purchased some new sandals as a reminder to do so! I performed the most thorough pedicure on my feet, getting them ship shape so they were ok to be seen in public. This was quite the task I won’t deny! I definately had neglected them in the winter months.

I say this, with what summer we have had here in Ireland, a very wishy washy affair with frequent downpours, the opportunity to get my feet out was few and far between. But the days I did get my feet out, they were out!

I tend to ignore my feet in winter, most of the time, as they are not on show as often. Beforehand I try to get them in a reasonable state before they go into hibernation.

In this post I will help you get your own feet in a decent condition before winter arrives, with an end of summer pedicure to get your feet looking pretty!

If you are able to treat yourself, either alone or with a friend, try a salon pedicure and make a day of it. I find when someone else gives you a pedicure they will always do a better job, they can see what they are doing and you can relax and enjoy it. Plus they always remove more hard skin than you ever would at home in a pedicure session. Go to a reputable salon near you and within hours you feel like you are dancing on air!

imageIf going to the salon isn’t an option you can definitely get good results at home with the right tools and methods. For me hard skin on heels is the first thing thing on my agenda to deal with. Investing in a electronic file is so much easier than using a manual file.

My current pick is the Emjoi Micro Pedi which I tried after buying it for my mum who raved about it, she has her own issues with her feet. It is so handy to keep on top of your feet with this gadget.


Similar options are available from Scholl but they are all at roughly the same price point.

imageIf you do want to use a manual file, Margaret Dabbs Professional Footfile is an excellent tool which makes light of the elbow grease needed to remove even the crustiest of hard skin, nice!

Use the file gently over your heels, balls of your feet and toe edges until the roughness has gone. You will notice your feet look a bit more skin like in colour! Clean up your hard skin fallout (grim indeed, especially if it has been a while since your last pedicure) and soak your feet in either the bath, wash basin or foot spa with luke warm soapy water for 15-20 minutes.


After this point you can go in with a nice foot scrub on the tops of your feet, whatever brand you like, you could even make a DIY homemade foot scrub which works quite well.



Once your tootsies are dried you can then apply a good foot cream.

I like the CCS foot cream, which is excellent on the dehydrated feet along with the CCS Heel balm, which works wonders on dry and cracked heels!




Apply a thick layer of both on your feet and depending on your schedule you can do one of two options.

The first, wear cotton socks with the foot cream for a more penetrating treatment overnight, or option B, to go in for a nail colour change.


I tend to clip and file nails straight across and then dehydrate the nail bed in preparation for colour, with a quick swipe of polish remover on a cotton pad. I favour a bolder shade on toes, depending on your skin tone, but really, when your feet look good – go with whatever colour you fancy!


imageCurrently on my toes is Nails Inc’s Nailkale nail polish in Victoria and Albert – a bold bright red which is a classic vibrant shade which lasts so well on toes, great longevity!

What are your best pedicure tips?

Any products worth checking out for a perfect pedicure?
Let me know in the comments.