As we are into the festive swing of things on my blog, my thoughts turned to my festive manicures I will be getting with my abundance of glitter and special effect polishes. They tend to be a devil to get off the nails, even using my foil wraps method which left for 15 mins, makes light of polish removal process.

However I know what I am like over Christmas, between wrapping presents, cleaning, washing up, baking and cooking to the max. Plus with all the festivities and a number of party dresses and outfits, I fear my nails will end up being re-polished at least a few times over this period. I fear I will not have the time to sit down and use my foil method of glitter removal!

For a while I have read from various blogposts of the benefits of peel off basecoats along with other methods of peeling off glitter. I got a sense that for longer wear time, peel off base coats are not ideal. The general consensus being that within a few days things will start to naturally flake off.



Logically for what I would like to use it for, a shorter wear time, this product type is ideal. I have also read the ingredients for these peel off basecoats and they are pretty much PVA glue with some stabilisers added into the formula. This could be a complete rip off if it is the case.


With that in mind I picked up a few of these products and a bottle of glue to see which works best. Either way my quick glitter removal issue solved!

Over the Christmas period my time is short and my nails need to look pristine! It is the perfect opportunity to do this trial. I have been meaning to do this for a while but glitters generally haven’t been in my general repertoire since halloween.

I firstly tried the OPI Glitter Off Peelable Base Coat which I had the highest hopes with. The polish dried within 5 minutes and dried clear. I would say of all the branded peel off basecoats this polish lasted longest with 3 days before any sign of peeling off.


The mid range product I tried was Sally Hansen’s Big Peel Base Coat which was similar product to OPI’s offering. It had a shorter wear time of around 2 days and left staining from my brightly coloured glitter polish I used for my trial.


For my budget option I gave Essence a go with their Nail Art Peel Off base coat.  I found the polish was the ok given the pricepoint, but lasted only a day before my manicure began to disappear before my eyes.


So far there was not a lot of difference between the three branded nail products. I felt it was time to try the PVA glue option, which if I am honest I had the lowest expectations of. I popped some glue into a shallow dish and used an old nail polish brush to apply a thin layer on my nail. I allowed it to dry and then applied my polish as normal.


With all of these peel off base products I avoided hot water for a few hours and went about my daily chores. I found the glue overall lasted a bare day before the tip began to peel and pop off. I was a little disappointed to say the least!

Removal however was a breeze to peel off, with all the products I tested. Any stubborn areas I could remove and go over with a hoof stick.

I felt after use of these basecoats my nails felt dry and dehydrated. I definately would not want to use these basecoats longterm as they would be not good for my nails health.

To sum up, I felt my trial definitely proved these products have minimal longevity. If you want a polish to last more than a day or two on your nails, a normal routine of basecoat, glitter polish and then topcoat is the best to give a glitter manicure durability and longevity. I guess that is the price you pay for a longer wear and that is the removal time.

If you are more fussed about a hassle free removal, a quick polish change for a night out or need to remove the polish for work, this peel off base coat is ideal. I will definitely continue to use when I know I will need my glitter polish off super quick and obviously over the Christmas period for this purpose.

Overall I preferred the OPI Glitter Off Peel Off basecoat of all these products as it held up the best and was the most convenient even if it was more expensive, I did find it worked better than the others. A peel off base product is something to have in your stash as it serves it’s purpose and pays for itself it in the party season!

What are your experiences of peel off basecoats? Do you have a favourite peel off basecoat? Do you use another method?

Let me know below in the comments.