Dior Milky Dots Summer 2016 Popping Nail Duo’s



If you saw my #NLU not so long go, you would have seen I had gone slightly dotty for Dior’s Milky Dots Colour & Dots Manicure Kits for Summer 2016. I had seen these Dior Milky Dots Popping Nail Duo’s previewed in early Spring I have been waiting patiently for them to arrive on the scene!

I had been checking all my nearest Dior counters for while, so when I noticed that Dior’s Summer makeup collection had landed at Brown Thomas, I took the chance to check them out. Now we are on the approach to the warmer Summer months (touch wood), these bright poppy polishes look like perfect additions brighten my nails.

Officially titled as Colour & Dot’s Manicure kit’s, they contain 2 7ml size polishes with a Dior branded dotting tool, ideal for creating a polka dot inspired mani! With 3 brightly coloured duo options available, you can really pick and choose your favourite pair or collect the entire collection of shades – all the colours work really well together too.




Looking back to Dior’s previous nail art offerings in more recent times, they have had quite a few gimmicky launches including their magnet polishes, stickers and last year’s tie & die nail look which if I am honest, I didn’t really buy into.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to have fun and play around with my nails but when I find products hit and miss or time consuming it really puts me right off! I would rather save my money and buy cheaper products to gain the same result.


However on further inspection I am happy to tell you that this manicure idea actually works in these simple yet effective nail art kits which anyone can do, even a nail art novice like myself. Anyone can manoeuvre a dotting tool around their nail bed to create this milky dots look! An excellent way to jazz up a manicure if you get the chance.


These 3 duo’s pictured below comprise of: Pastilles – an azure blue with nude beige (pictured on the left), Confetti’s – a bold melon with cherry red (pictured centre) and Plumetis – a petal pink with a lavender mauve (pictured on the right) and dotting tool also included.




All really beautiful shades and work applied to the entire nail in a manicure shade or with both shades with one as your base and the other dotted, creating your polka dot look.


Each set costs around £23.50/€32 for 14 ml of 2 nail polishes plus the dotting tool applicator, which isn’t too bad when your usual Dior nail polish is priced at the €35 mark. I also appreciate getting the two shades in the kit, a bit more bang for your buck and gives more shades to add into your stash.


To get a sense of how these polishes work together, here are some swatches below!




I am yet to find a video with decent swatches, so I thought I would include Dior’s How To Milky Dots Summer Look promotional video. Toward the end of the video it shows how to use the manicure kit to acheive the Milky Dots look.




My thoughts on these kits

I love this look from this collection, really refreshing palette of shades for Summer giving a great pop of polka dot colour to your manicure. If I am honest I love all the duo’s and I would wear all 3 duo’s and their respective individual shades. With the cooler tones Pastilles and Plumetis duo’s applied on my paler skin days and the Confetti colours when I am donning a tan! Looking at these shades individually they are really wearable stand alone shades, (even without the use of the dotting tool for the milky dot look) you could easily get good wear and use from them if these colours are up your street, Dior’s formula is pretty good and these aren’t a cheaper product only intended for nail art – these are quality polish formulas.

The polishes in this smaller size are an excellent way to update your collection for summer, perfect to pack for a trip away. Especially if you are not a lover of bright shades, a smaller size polish just injects enough colour in your stash without investing in a full size especially if you only wear these kinds of shades one season of the year.

The one thing I also like about this collection is playful nature of the dots, it really is a look anyone can get – even without picking up these duo kits.

This milky dots look can be so easily duped using similar shades and a nail art dotting tool. I myself had contemplated writing this post alongside a get the look for less post. The duo’s collection being mainly cream shades makes finding similar dupes that bit easier, I have found myself on more than one occasion prior to the launch shopping my own stash for similar polish shades.

I really would need to justify picking up these kits, especially with all the various similar almost dupe shades in my own collection. I think in this case I will save the pennies and dupe the Dior shades with polishes already in my stash, saving the moolah for the many lustworthy summer polish collections coming up.

I feel if you have nothing similar in your own collection definately pick up a kit if money is no object, but if you want to dupe the look with similar (dupe) shades and a dotting tool – go for it. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!


The Dior Milky Dots Summer 2016 Collection is available now from Dior counters and Dior stockists online. To find your nearest Dior counter please check the Dior Store Locator for more information.

What do you think of Dior’s Milky Dots Polish Duo’s? Have you tried these? Do you plan on duping any of these polishes or creating a Milky Dots look?

Let me know what you think down below in the Comments.