Now into August I think where has all the time gone, we will soon be into Autumn and then the year will be practically gone. Scary stuff. But at the same time we have to remain positive that the hot, sticky and sometimes humid weather will be over and soon the nights will draw in. I will enjoy cosy knitwear, eating lovely filling stews and casseroles and popping logs on the fire or the heating on. If you are like me, in a new build apartment, I dream of the thought of a roaring fire on a cold night.

But all this talk of cooler weather brings me to thoughts of my pale mitts and usually my lack lustre hands, oh dear! I tend to bring some improvement with some of my favourite luxe, deep and gorgeous shades. These are shades which bring warmth and richness on application and enhance the paleness I usually exhibit when I am not rocking the faux tan look.

Metallics are perfect for adding warmth and richness and W.I.P. from Urban Outfitters has some lovely shades which I picked up last autumn. The first shade Wizard – a gorgeous metallic deep blue which is bewitching on your talons. Another shade from them which is equally as hypnotising is the shade Velvet – a raspberry copper toned metallic which illuminates in certain lights. I will definitely be popping into Urban Outfitters on a more regular basis, just for polish picks alone.

Navy and blue toned polishes are lovely in the cooler months. The patent navy shade Motcomb Street from Nails Inc is a great colour and is super glossy and perfect with almost any outfit.

Another navy shade I am loving also from Nails Inc is the shade Old Burlington Street, a true classic navy with an ever so slight dusky tone.

My favourite deep royal blue which is almost purple/indigo in tone is Old Bond St from Nails Inc. This one is so deep and sexy, pops on the nails and looks excellent with glitter topcoat or embellishment.

For a more deeper dusky purples and aubergine tones try New Oxford St and Grosvenor Crescent from Nails Inc. These two are perfect partners and look so luxe and sophisticated on the nails.

I think these darker shades with the added Gel effect formula work so well. They are long lasting and glossy without adding topcoat and then topped with topcoat have great longevity.

My favourite two deeper red shades are also Nails Inc, the first, Holland Walk – a claret coloured red in the Nailkale formula is pretty and similar to a Burberry shade Oxblood I swatched. It is so beautiful, flattering on the nails, either on hands or toes. Currently wearing this on toes even in August and looks so luscious I don’t think this is coming off any time soon.

My last pick is a true classic that I pull out every autumn and stays around till spring. Victoria – a deep cherry red works well with so many colours and never fails to be current with fashion and anything I apply on top of it. It always looks fabulous!

All of these shades I have described here have numerous dupes across all brands, so if it seems there is a lot of Nails Inc polishes in my picks then I can only apologise. I am clearly heavy in Nails Inc.

If you like these deep and gorgeous shades and fancy some of the latest shades, check out my A/W Nail Polish Fashion Forecast which I posted earlier in the week, for even more deep and gorgeous shades.

What are your favourite deep and gorgeous shades? Let me know in the comments.