New Chanel Longwear Polishes – Worth the Splurge?



Doing a bit of polish browsing at the weekend in my usual higher end polish haunts, I noticed Chanel had their new Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colours at pretty much all the Chanel counters I visited. I had been waiting patiently to see these in person, interested in trying them to see if there was any notable improvement to their original polish formula (which I previously had mixed results with depending on the polish finish.)

I had a good long look at them, (the boyfriend was getting very impatient let’s put it that way.) I spoke to the Chanel sales assistant she explained how she had experienced much better results in terms of wear time and polish finish using this new formula. Intrigued, I left the polish counter with all my nails swatched and thought I had better check out whether these polishes actually do as they claim.

No offence to the sales assistant, she had really nice nails, but it’s her job to look the part and I would rather trust the instincts and experiences from polish bloggers like myself who really road test a new product rather than someone trying to make a sale.

I have tried a few gel effect or gel type polish formulas in the last couple of years to know what works, so Chanel launching a new range like this really comes as no surprise, the polish market is brimming with longer wear polish formulas, gel look nail products and kits.

Although I do feel a launch of this type from Chanel is a bit late in the scheme of things as it’s hardly a new technology, I was hoping they would bring something new in terms of formula, finish or even more longevity.

Anyhow, I thought I would give you the lowdown on this polish formula, the shade range and obviously how it wears. I for one wanted to know before investing in this range as there as so many cheaper options available from the highstreet, from drugstore and mid range brands which work well. I wanted to know if these were worth the splurge!



The new formula and original formula are both 5-free.
The new formula contains ceramides, which protect the health of the nails along with bioceramics, which strengthen nails and prevent polishes chipping.





These polishes go on flawlessly and even the jelly formulas are pretty much streak free!

I swatched a handful of the shades on my practically naked nails (they just had my usual base on) at the Chanel counter to test shades out rather than purchasing just one shade to road test. I found all shades swatched pretty much applied evenly, leaving a flawless finish, including the jelly finishes which I thought was pretty good.

I gave all my hands 2 coats of polish and they all were fully opaque, some of crème’s I tried were OCW’s which is amazing! Kudos to Chanel for those polish beauties!


Finish and Colour:

These polishes are very glossy! These polishes can be easily worn without a top coat but it will affect the wear time of your mani.

I went home after applying the Chanel polishes and applied my usual top coat on the majority of my nails and left one nail bare without top coat to test the general longevity of these longwear polish shades.

In terms of shade range, currently they have a mix of new and classic shades in this formula and will be adding new polish shades from their seasonal collections. You may want to check your own Chanel shades for dupes from this new line.

Below is their current core shades from this range.




Longevity and Durability:

I left these on my nails for around 4 days, which the top coat layered polishes were still going strong, without any major tip wear or chips. This result I would get from several lower end drugstore gel effect polishes (for less than a quarter of the price of a Chanel polish.)

I found my one nail without top coat started getting tip wear by the second day and chips by the third! So you definitely need a top coat with these polishes!

I thought this little experiment really goes to show how decent drugstore gel effect polishes are!
I imagine if I had left these on (based on my average manicure experiences) I would have easily have gotten another day or two extra wear. I can honestly day I get similar results from most higher end brands standard polish formulas without gel technology.





My overall first impressions of Chanel’s Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour range is on the whole it is your standard gel-like polish. I think these polishes are just a general improvement on the previous polish standard from Chanel, nothing to really write home about!

I cannot complain as it’s supremely glossy on your nails and lasts much better than their previous polish formula, but for me the only issue is the ‘standard’ shade range in this formula. I found nothing particularly eyecatching or mesmerising. These I feel are not ‘have to have it’ shades, the reason I go to the Chanel counters to pick up polish in the first place. If I am picking up a Chanel shade and spending a premium on a polish I expect all my boxes to be ticked. I felt all the shades in this launch have generally been ‘done’ and aren’t particularly original enough for my liking.

I felt if I wanted more durability out of similar dupetastic creme shades from this new formula I could just use the older formulas in the same way or use even cheaper alternative dupe shades layered with a gel type top coat or even Chanel’s new Le Top Coat in my mani, to get the same effect.

I could easily do this at home with polish shades I already own finishing with similar gel technology base and top coat products in my stash or using one of my at home gel nail kits, to plump up my nails.


For me, the bottom line is if you are new to Chanel polishes then by all means pick up your favourite shades with the newly formulated Chanel polishes if you are in the market them. But for most of us experienced nail polish addicts out there I really don’t feel there is enough of a draw to pick up the range.

I am glad I didn’t just choose a shade to purchase, test out and review, because in hindsight that would have been a major error in judgement. In my own collection I have similar shades up to this standard which don’t have the Chanel price tag that work just as well.

The only thing I feel is worth looking into is their Le Top Coat, which looks like an excellent top coat formula along with some of their upcoming Summer collection shades. Fingers crossed up to my usual unique and original Chanel polish standards. These are what I will check out from Chanel in future.


What do you think of Chanel’s longwear Nail Polishes? Have you picked up any shades or products from this line? Any shades you would like to try? What is your favourite longer wear gel type polish formula?

Let me know what you think and share down below in the Comments.