Barry M Polish Line Loves


Ever since I really got into nail polish, Barry M polishes have been a staple in my drugstore stash. I just love the colour range, the polish lines and varying formulas, the price too means it’s a genuinely guilt free experience. I have amassed so much Barry M Polish Line Love, I know all the ranges so well and I know the quality I come to expect throughout the whole range. It really is a love in with this post!

Anyhow, in recent times they really have added great polish lines and amazing shades, which really extend the scope of the Barry M brand. They also mimic some higher end and salon brands recent collections and making newer trends and developed nail technologies much more affordable.

In fact, I always turn to their ranges for budget bold colours or to test out certain shades with my skin tone or new types of polish. You can really play with polish without spending silly money from higher end brands for something which ultimately may not be for you.

I thought in this post I could highlight the ranges within Barry M to look out for and possibly pick up if you are interested. With this month’s focus on drugstore and budget brands on the blog, a post dedicated to Barry M was overdue as it is my most used budget brand!


A range I featured in my  Drugstore Polish Ranges I Love post was Barry M’s Gelly Hi-Shine polishes, with such a mix of shades and an excellent formula for the price point, I fell for this range hook, line and sinker.


Barry M Polish Line Loves


They did such a good job with a lot of the lighter pastel muted tones and bold brights when the line launched so when I saw their Midnight Gelly’s over the last few months I had to mention them in this post.

The shades are the perfect mix of blackened tones for your new noir manicure and if you missed Chanel’s and Louboutin’s Noir toned shades, these would make an excellent budget collection to pick up.

You could pick up the 4 Barry M shades for the price of 1 Chanel/Louboutin polish, to put it in perspective. For Chanel/Louboutin Noir dupes, try Black Cherry and Black Pistachio from Barry M to get the look!


Barry M Polish Line Loves




Another range I love is their Speedy Quick Dry Range, the pale pastels and creamy brights are excellent for the price point. The paler shades are excellent dupes for Zoya’s recent Whispers Collection, the gentle creamy hues are so pretty and affordable. I like Pole Position and Road Rage from their Speedy Quick Dry Range to acheive a Zoya Whisper inspired manicure!


Barry M Polish Line Loves


They also released some brighter shades for AW15 and some more pastel pinks/nudes into the collection this year which I will definitely be picking up from this range. Of these new SS16 shades in particular, Freestyle I have my eye on and will definitely pick up!


Barry M Polish Line Loves




Another line I have gotten to grips with this last year is their Sunset Daylight Curing range. I like this range and enjoyed the formula, using the daylight curing technology in the polish. I found using this range, I got an extra day or two’s wear compared to the Gelly Hi-Shine range. So good for the price point!


Barry M Polish Line Loves


Their latest polish editions for the SS16 are all bright, beautiful and glossy selections, perfect for Spring! I want them all!

Barry M Polish Line Loves

I have also used the Daylight curing top coat with my other Barry M polishes for extra gloss and shine and to extend the life of my manicures. This worked well better than their standard top coat and gave me extra days wear in my budget manicures.



After my recent fling with Christmas and NYE glitter manicures, it is no surprise my recent love for Barry M is in their Glitter Gelly’s.

Currently with 2 shades in this range, Sparkling Ruby and Sparkling Ameythst, both shades are equally gorgeous as each other, super sparkly and really something!

I hope they extend the Glitter Gelly’s as the formula is really good, I would love a blue shade! I came across these the last few months but only really used them a week or two ago and I really enjoyed these polishes. Even the removal process was a breeze! Which for a budget glitter is excellent!


Barry M Polish Line Loves



There was my favourite polish lines from Barry M, clearly this love affair isn’t a short lived fling!

I really like Barry M and they might not be my one and only polish formula or my holy grail, I still appreciate what they bring to the polish table. The colours matched with the price point is what makes Barry M a winner for me!

They make their polishes accessible for everyone and they are often on offer or discounted, no excuse not to try the ranges from Barry M, even at the end of January!


Barry M is available in Boots, Superdrug and select Marks and Spencer stores or check these retailers online. Alternatively you can shop the full range online from Barry M.



What are your favourite loves from the Barry M polish lines? Any particular favourite shades? What would you like to see more of polish wise within their brand?

Let me know your thoughts down in the Comments below.