Bank Holiday Polish Procrastination



Hello everyone, Happy Bank Holiday! I hope we are all well and hopefully enjoying the bank holiday. Just a quick    post today, I am quite literally overwhelmed with all the polish beauties coming out lately. I guess all these summery shades from all the polish collections are taking there toll! I am not complaining, I swear!

Anyway, today I have a handful of excellent polish ranges to update you and clue you up on and some recent polish discoveries which I have just come across and seriously like the look of. As soon as I read about these and checked them out they were all worthy of a mention in a post!



Essie Gel Couture Polishes




This range is a brand spanking new line of longer wear polishes from Essie, with newly twirled shape bottle, improved brush in 42 never seen before shades (although I imagine with my collection I will probably own plenty of dupes.)

This polish is best used in a 2 step system with polish shade and shiny top coat, giving the wearer longer wear using the combination of these formulas. The colour shade applied first is a two in one base and colour product followed by finishing off the look with the second step of shiny top coat.

It promises to deliver up to 14 days worth of wear, depending how hard you are on your nails. This is the only variable in the equation, but fingers crossed this will be a more durable regular polish option from Essie!

As soon as I saw these on the Beauty Geeks post showing all the shades swatched, I thought this polish launch just had to be shared!

They also posted the video below, which shares tips and gives a sneak peak on how to use these polishes. Do check it out for more information!



Launching in Canada on June 14th, retailling at around the £10 mark (I haven’t seen official prices other than the Canadian rrp) but I do hope these become available soon because these have been a long time coming from Essie and I have high hopes!

Essie’s perfect shade range + a longer wear polish formula sounds like a win win to me!




Essie Gel Polish




Continuing the theme of Essie loves, I never realised they had their own gel polish range. It was by pure chance perusing one of my favourite polish e-tailers that I noticed their gel polish line. I was shaking my head in disbelief, how have I not come across these sooner!

They had pretty much all of my favourite Essie creme shades from the last couple of years in this gel polish formula, along with some other gorgeous shades that I am yet to try. Like alot of things from Essie, I like it all!




I was considering picking some up to add to the stash, as I haven’t bought any gel polish in ages. Each bottle varies in price depending the collection and where you buy from (I’ve seen individual gel polishes priced from £15 all the way to over £30.) However, some of the shades I had seen here from Ella Gray are excellent value considering how many gel manicures you can get with it and the staying power.

I was thinking of picking some up to use with one of my at home gel manicure kit. I have used other gel polishes formulas from other brands with my Red Carpet Manicure LED lamp with good results. Definately worth giving a go. It also sounds ideal for a long lasting Essie manicure when I go on hols later on in the month!

Anyone tried these? If you have please let me know how they were for you down below in the Comments. I have had these in my shopping basket ready to order but haven’t read any recent reviews of any of these newer shades to know what I am getting.



CND Creative Play Polishes




Another line which I have also seen here and there online is CND’s Creative Play polishes, which look fantastic!

First of all the colour range is exceptional! With over 80 shades across all the various polish finishes (just check the image of all the shades below) which include crème, holographic glitter, metallic, metallic glitter, micro glitter, multi-colour glitter, pearl, satin, shimmer and transformer – the list is unending! Whatever colour and finish, they have you covered! The shades look so vibrant as they use micronised pigments which optimise the polishes colour intesity, smoothness and gloss. Sounds good to me!




The CND Creative polishes work as part of a 3 step system, using base, colour and top coat, (which to go by any of my CND polish uses in the past will probably be an easy and pleasant experience.) Plus the polishes brush has been designed with nearly 400 bristle ends, allowing for the most precise and smooth application.

Another plus point to this line is the actual ingredients in the formula, boasting a 7-free formula – Free of toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, phthalates (DBP), formaldehyde resin, xylene, and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)
Of late I am really enjoying more quality formulas, with non of the nasties in this polish I can apply it with confidence!

With so many shades I have my eye on, I am going to have a hard time choosing! I will definately make the effort to pick some up to give them a try. The CND Creative Play polishes will be available from May 2016 in selected salons service and to purchase.



CND Flirtation Summer 2016 Collection Weekly Polishes

I was doing a spot of online polish browsing the other day and noticed these gorgeous summer shades from CND’s Weekly Polishes Flirtation Summer 2016 Collection.




I have tried CND’s Weekly Polishes before in the past and loved their longevity and shade range, the weekly polish formula for me just works! Definately worth a look if you have never used them and like the look of some their shades.

To be honest I haven’t picked up any new shades from them in a good while, not for a lack of trying. But when I saw this mini collection, it was the perfect opportunity to pick up the entire summer collection.
I really liked all the shades and couldn’t really make my mind up on which fullsize bottle to get, so this mini collection with top coat had my prayers answered! Problem solved!



OPI Retro Summer Nail Polishes




My final favourite polish line of recent times is OPI’s Retro Summer 2016 Collection, a bright and poppy polish range, which has just dropped in the last week or so! Another bright and summery range! I had seen previews of this collection, but after seeing early blog reviews I am pretty sure I need to get my hands on this!

I was a bit late picking the collection up, my usual OPI e-tailer has sold out of the collection, although I have been re-assured they will be back in stock pretty soon.

I really enjoyed using OPI’s creme shades from the last couple of collections this year, between their New Orleans Spring and Alice Through The Looking Glass collections, I’ve added some excellent creme formulas into my stash. So going with that I was thinking hopefully I will finally be able to pick up some decent brights creme’s, that would be fab and just in time for the Summer season!



Anyway there was my round up of polish lines to check out this bank holiday!

With the month of May finally on the way, we can re-invest in our polish stashes with some new shades for Summer and add some serious colour and polish formulas into the mix!




What do you think of these polish lines? Any that you have tried and care to share what you thought of them? Do you plan on picking any up? Do you have any other polish lines or collections you are currently after?

Let me know what you think in the Comments below, I would love to know your thoughts and suggestions!