April Nail Polish Favourites



Another month gone by and yet again I have amassed a selection of nail polish favourites, the shades which have graced my nails, caught my attention and are now held in the highest regard in my current polish rotation. With so many new shades joining the polish fold, I won’t deny it’s been tricky but I was just able to whittle it down to my most recently loved shades which have made it into today’s favourites!




Essie – Passport to Happiness



This shade I was immediately drawn to after seeing various previews of the Essie Bridal Collection for 2016 and live swatch application video’s online. It’s delicate dusky toned mint green with added shimmer I loved the look of, even more so on my own nails. Just love it’s subtleness, the gold shimmer warms it up, so it not too icy for a mint green and pop’s against the skin. So glad I picked it up, it’s my new favourite light green shade!




China Glaze – What I Like About Blue



Another shimmery shade, China Glaze’s What I Like About Blue from their Lite Brites for Summer 2016 is a lovely warm toned cyan blue with added gold shimmer and satin finish.  It’s just got that right balance of warm toned blue, perfect for Spring/Summer, a gorgeous Ocean Blue shade at a snip!



OPI – Oh My Majesty



OPI’s Oh My Majesty was one of my favourites from OPI Alice Through The Looking Glass Collection. This polish is a beautiful white almost shell shade with pink shimmer shift, which is just gorgeous on! I had nothing like this in my current collection, in fact I barely own pure white shades, yet this screamed out to me and I truly loved it on my nails. I real surprise shade you should definately try! As the name suggests, it rules!



OPI – I’m Gown For Anything



Another OPI winner from their latest collection, I’m Gown For Anything is just pure class! An almost light pink mauve creme, it is that perfect light inbetween shade, which really pops on the nail with it’s opaque creaminess. This is an almost OCW (one coat wonder) shade, which for a pale creme shade is excellent! This shade has a rich thick formula, makes getting a decent coat on your nails easy peasy with lovely coverage. An absolute no brainer for this post, this was an excellent addition into the stash and into my favourites this month.




SoSu by Suzanne Jackson nail polish in Ocean Breeze 



A surprise addition into my favourites, this SoSu shade I picked up looking to update my bright blue shades for summer, but ended up winning me over. This polish has an excellent creamy gel polish formula that immediately plumped up my nails, it’s formula has a really good gloss to it, even before I put any top coat on.

This polish range has definately improved since last time I tried a creme formula from them, as it glided on smooth and effortlessly and it’s colour pigment is outstanding (definately use a base coat if you pick up this shade!)

This colour is so bright, perfect for the summer months and holidays. I love this Ocean Breeze blue – perfect shade to pick up to achieve the Ocean Blue Nails look on a budget. I wore it in my manicure and I really dug the shade! Will definately try more SoSu shades in future!





Orly – Beautifully Bizarre



This Orly polish is far from bizarre! From their recent Orly Melrose Spring 2016 Collection, this shade is as gorgeous and beautiful as the name suggests! This shade is muted almost shell toned pink, it’s pretty and girlie and perfect for Spring. A perfect cool toned pink neutral for your nails, it’s opaque in 2 coats with reasonable gloss and shine on finish, topped off with topcoat makes it’s hidden shimmer really gleam. Love this one!



There was my favourites for April, a very cool toned polish affair looking back on it all! Things I am certain will change for the coming month of May! I have so many hot shades I am playing with!




What were your polish favourites from this last month of April? Any shades you would recommend or advise for me to give a try? 

Let me know what you think and share down below in the Comments.