Affordable Nails from H&M Beauty



H&M has always been one of my favourite highstreet chains, with their fast fashion and affordable prices, I tend to frequent this shop on the majority of my trips into town. I often scour their aisles hoping for a bargain and often noticed the smaller beauty section in stores and wondered if the products were any good. With my only experiences of H&M beauty products in the past, being very thin, wish washy formula polishes. The polishes I picked up were throwaway items, it was handy polish pick to match an outfit if I was in a rush. I didn’t even mind if the quality wasn’t brilliant. However in the last few months they have since launched a brand spanking new beauty range. Along with new formula polishes! Yay! Affordable Nails from H&M Beauty!

Affordable Nails from H&M Beauty!


The H&M Beauty range is a 700 piece collection altogether, which has it’s own department within the larger H&M stores. If you are anything like me you will probably want to try the rest of the range also. It has been gaining alot of love on the blogosphere!

It is fairly extensive and includes products for face, eyes, lips, bath & body, fragrance, hair, tools & brushes, removers & cleansers and makeup bags. And most importantly Nails! The main reason I wanted to write this post.

I have let the dust settle since it’s launch, to read up about the range, including the polishes and to get a feel for what to pick up from their nail section.

In terms of nail care, the line covers it all. It includes files and buffers, base coat, top coat, nail hardener, cuticle oil, quick dry drops, polish removers and press on nails. These vary in price but are all fairly affordable, the most expensive item being £5.99/€6.99. Which isn’t to be sniffed at.


Affordable Nails from H&M Beauty!


Polish wise from H&M Beauty, there is an vast array of polishes to choose from. Total shade range was over 60 shades (last time I checked) in all kinds of colours. If you check them out instore, you are bound to find something to take your fancy.

From my time spent browsing instore, notable shades in this range are Kalahari – a sheer nude, Brickwork – an orange/rust shade, Faded Myrtle – a light green foam, Prussian Wool – a deep classic blue, Witching Hour – a dark green, Governess – deep burgundy, Ladybird – a bright red, Plum Fool – mid toned plum pink and Lap of Luxury – a bronzed gold. They also carry a selection of duo chrome and metallic shades along with glittery polishes, incase you do feel the inner magpie urge for something shiny.


Affordable Nails from H&M Beauty!


The polishes are reasonably priced at £3.99/€4.99 each, which sit well against drugstore and budget brands and are cheaper than some of the other high street competitors – Topshop’s polishes are priced at £5/£6.

Also the quality also seems to be there, I have read numerous reviews complimenting the formula of the polishes, especially for the price point.

Availability has been the only annoying aspect of this range. Since it’s launch in October, I wasn’t sure whether the polishes would be in all stores and I spent a good month trying to pick up polishes from various more local H&M stores, to no avail.

The H&M Beauty range is only available at larger stores, including their new polish range. So really you have to visit a major city centre store within the UK/Ireland to obtain the H&M colour polishes. So when in doubt, head to a flagship store!

I will pick up a selection in Dublin’s College Green H&M flagship store (pictured below) and give them a whirl.



For those of you who are online shoppers,  at this moment in time only nail care items are available on the UK/Ireland website to buy online. Which is rather anothing to say the least! Especially if you are not close to any large city.

I wish H&M would sort it out! I checked other countries within the EU websites and the polishes are available for customers to buy online. I promise that is my rant over!

On the whole regardless of the issues of availability, I like this range. I have a feeling if you are a polish newbie, you will love this range. The collection is quite versatile with lots of shades and varying formulas. I would definately check it out next time you do a spot of shopping!

I think based on my own polish collection, I will only be picking up the unique and interesting shades from the range and the rest a miss. I will also try some of nailcare products also!


Affordable Nails from H&M Beauty!


Have you tried anything from H&M Beauty yet? What was your thoughts on the range? Any polishes worth a review? Let me know down in the Comments below.