40 Shades of Green, well….nearly!


Probably of all the shades in my overall collection, green and turquoise shades feature highly. To the point where I have had to leave the majority of my shades at home in England. I would say I own between 20-30 shades of greeny/turquoise. Safe to say that is a lot! I miss not having them around, especially now in the warmer months. I tend to pop them on and have everyone stare at them, usually green with envy. Anyway….. On to the polish picks.

imageGreen shades come thick and fast from Barry M from their Gelly High-Shine range. Cardamon and Olive are perfect dusky greens. Kiwi and Greenberry are pretty green toned turquoises, worth a swatch in-store!


Also from their standard range, Spring Green is a nice bold green. For a pale green shades, Pole Position from their Quick Dry range is also a lovely budget polish.




Another glossy deep racing car green shade which I love is Rimmel’s Lasting Finish polish in the shade Block Your Green. I love this shade and pull it out around this time of year and a great budget pick!




Topshop have some lovely green polishes, Gone Fishing and Rad would be two of my favourites, greens of the more apple variety, granny smith if you are being fussy.




imageWhere would I be if I didn’t mention Essie in a green/ turquoise nail polish picks post. Crazy!!! Mint Candy Apple and Maximilian Strause Her are perfect pale greeny turquoise shades.

For darker green shades, I love Stylenomics and Trophy wife, both gorgeous deep shades.

imageMy favourite long lasting turquoise shade is from Nails Inc in the shade Soho Place from their Gel Effect range. It is a dusky turquoise with an excellent formula which lasts extremely well on my talons and is ever so shiny even without top coat.


Sally Hansens Miracle Gel Polish in Stylemaker is a pretty metallic green pick, perfect for Patricks Day! It also has great longevity, and excellent formula.

No7 has some lovely shades too, Paradise Love – a glitter infused shimmery pale metallic turquoise and Stay Neat, a deep greeny teal are lovely picks.




If you are looking for some gorgeous greeny turquoise metallics try Topshops nail polish range. My favourite shade is Bound which is a light turquoise green with a gold edge, an absolute beaut!



imageI also have a few wish worthy greens, shades I have seen in store but are that bit ritzy that even I would have to seriously consider before purchasing.

These picks are from Burberry and very stylish. I love Aqua Green, Sage Green and Dark Bottle Green but currently I cannot justify the price tag. I will end up gifting this from myself to myself at some point! The best kind of gift!

imageAnother shade I love the look of is from Nails Inc, the shade Hyde Park Court from their new A/W Gel Effect polish collection.

A beautiful dark khaki green shade which is deep and expensive looking. Ah well… One can dream of those shades of green!



What are your favourite greens/turquoise shades? Any dupes or alternatives for certain shades?

Let me know in the comments.